eGlass: The future whiteboard for the current classroom​

We’ve moved far from the days of using slates, chalk, and blackboards. Even “normal” whiteboards seem antiquated since the advent of interactive whiteboards. While interactive whiteboards allow users to collaborate and maniupluate data via touch, as well as digitizing and storing the data so that it can be shared with others, there are still some limitations.
  1. One glaring issue is that most interactive whiteboards rely on projection, which may render them unreadable in poor lighting conditions or from the glare of the sunlight.
  2. Sometimes, teachers find it difficult to get used to the technology. Writing and manipulating with a stylus on a projected screen may have unintended results.
  3. And what if you accidentally pick up a marker out of habit and write on your thousands of dollars smart whiteboard and ruin it?
  4. Another problem is that while teacher is standing in front of the whiteboard, they may be blocking viewing access for some students and having their back turned to their students, the teacher can’t gauge students’ response properly.

Here is where eGlass comes in.

eGlass is an illuminated transparent lightboard with a built-in camera.

Like an interactive whiteboard, the eGlass can be connected to a laptop or a desktop so that the teacher can present the lesson. This can then be connected to a big display screen so that the whole classroom can clearly see everything that’s happening.

You can write, actually write, with a marker pen directly on the glass and it will appear on the display screen as well. This takes you back to a  comfortable zone where your interaction with the lightboard becomes tangible and organic again. There’s no learning curve, allowing you to fully take advantage of digitisation in a familiar way.

"Teachers are able to project their image on their smart tv. They can write while still facing the students to reduce off-task behaviour and respond to misconcpetions faster. They can even record lessons. I love it!"
Telitha Carter
Instructional Coach, Middle School in Grand Prairie, TX

Since the board is transparent, it means the teacher will always be able to see their students’ faces while interacting with the board. There’s also a built-in camera that capture the teacher’s face to help establish a greater connection with the students. The eGlass is so smart, it flips what you write and your face automatically. Plus, students sitting further away from the teacher will still have the same opportunity as those at the front since everything is displayed on a bigger television screen.