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Geomagic Essentials Software only.

For a limited time until 31 December 2020 all existing owners of the EinScan 3D scanners (EinScan Pro, EinScan Pro Plus, EinScan Pro 2X and EinScan Pro 2X Plus) may purchase the Geomagic Essentials software add-on.

Please read before you add to cart:

You must provide a valid serial number of the EinScan 3D scanner that you own to be able to take advantage of this offer.

Please email your serial number, along with the scanner model to sales@3dprintingsystems.com BEFORE you complete your purchase.


Thank you.


$4,998.79 excl GST

Geomagic Essentials provides the tools needed for processing 3D scan data, including but not limited to: scan to print, downstream reverse engineering workflows in your native CAD.

-Scan processing allows you to directly edit scan data
-Manage file size through decimation for faster processing
-Scan-native application for better performance and efficiency
– High quality automatic CAD conversion
-Feature extraction allows for the extraction of CAD perfect shapes from scan data
-Precise geometry allows you to compare design features to scan data for accuracy analysis
-Convert your 3D scan data to a solid format
-Import all geometry into the native CAD package for a familiar modeling environment

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