AutoScan Sparkle 3D Scanner

One of the highest resolution 3D Scanners we offer!
AutoScan Sparkle automatic desktop 3D scanner is designed exclusively for capturing precise and detailed 3D scans of jewellery pieces in a matter of seconds. Integrating Artificial intelligent scanning algorithm, high precision and simplicity of use, AutoScan Sparkle provides you with high precision and easy method of transforming small components and jewlelery pieces into a digitized format that can be used in any CAD/CAM software, saving both time and money in design and production processes.

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Fine Detail

The AutoScan Sparkle is made for the jeweler that works with intricate designs day in day out. It provides precise and detailed 3D scans of small and complex objects using dual camera of 5 mega pixels.

Automatic Scanning

As a fully automated desktop 3D scanner with a 1-click scan feature,  the AutoScan Sparkle operates on 3-axis for multi-angle scanning, enabling users to capture 3D scans on every facet easily and rapidly.

Metrology-grade Accuracy

Advanced blue-light 3D scanning technology brings users the scan accuracy within 10μm to ensure high level of accuracy required by quality inspection.

Powerful Software

The software JewelScan is specially created by SHINING 3D for jewelry application, featuring a user-friendly interface that allows users to effortlessly export 3D data to CAD/CAM systems such as Matrix, Rhino, JewelCAD and etc.

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Weight 9.8 kg


Shining 3D Autoscan Sparkle
Technology Structured light 3D scanning
Scanning area 100 x 100 x 75 mm
Accuracy =< 10 microns
Light source Blue light
Camera resolution 2 x 5.0 Mega Pixel
Working temperature 10 – 30 °C
Operating System Windows 10, 64bits
Output format STL
Power DC24V included
Operating System 10 – 30 °C
Weight 7.5 kg

What's in the box

EinScan Sparkle
Power Adapter
Power Cable
Calibration board
Calibration board support
USB drive

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