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Product Description

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Filament Attributes

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Filament Specifications

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Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plus added Polycarbinate
Diameter: 1.75mm [±0.10mm]
Net Weight: 2 x 500g
Content: Two rolls of filament, vacuum packed with desiccant and come packaged in a carton.

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How to Buy More & Save:

1.  Select desired colour.

2.  Select desired quantity & add to cart.
Please refer to the table below for Bulk Discounts.

3.  If you wish to continue purchasing in a different colour, select the new colour and change quantity as needed and add to cart.

4.  Bulk discount on the quantity of cartons ordered will be applied accordingly within your Shopping Cart.


For Example:

Save 10% on 5 cartons or more
1. Select Red filament.
2. Select 2 Quantity and Add to Cart.
3. Select Black filament.
4. Change to 2 Quantity and Add to Cart.
5. Select Blue filament.
6. Change to 1 Quantity and Add to Cart.

10% discount will be applied in Shopping Cart.



Weight 0.7 kg
500g Value Filament

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