UP Flex - 3 Pack for UP BOX

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UP Flex Adhesive Printing Platform for UP BOX 3D printers

Applied directly onto the perfboard, this flexible sheet with self-adhesive backing will making printing much easier and warping a thing of the past! Created especially for your UP printer, it is sized perfectly to be used on the UP BOX printers.

It’s as simple as, stick on, print, flex and pop the model right off. With this adhesive printing platform, you can now print raftless to achieve that perfect, smooth finish on the underside of the model. Eliminating the raft foundation means eliminating the fatigue marks on the model, which occurs during removal.

Features of the UP Flex Adhesive Printing Platform:

  • Compatible to be used with ABS or PLA filament
  • Raftless printing
  • Durable surface – with good care, you should get about 60 builds per sheet
  • Reduces warping, lifting of parts during printing
  • Each pack includes 3 sheets of UP Flex
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